Ford Bronco Buyers Love The Manual: 25 Percent Order Stick Shift

With upwards of 125,000 Bronco orders, that’s a lot of rowing.

Perhaps the manual transmission isn’t dead after all. Granted it’s not as widely available as it once was, but then again, it used to be a lowly standard-issue item for vehicles that people generally didn’t want. Now, it’s a sought-after feature for enthusiasts, and in an enthusiast-oriented vehicle like the Bronco, buyers are apparently responding.

In fact, upwards of 25 percent of Bronco buyers are opting for the stick, according to Ford Authority. That’s considerably higher than typical take-rates for cars that still offer a manual, but it’s even more eye-opening when you look at Bronco orders thus far. In March 2021, Ford said that approximately 125,000 Bronco orders were in the books, and that stat actually came from January figures. It’s safe to assume the number is higher now, but even if you stick with 125,000 orders, that suggests 31,250 of those have the seven-speed manual.

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To be clear, the report doesn’t offer a specific number, just a percentage. The report also isn’t clear whether that 25 percent includes all current Bronco orders, or delivered vehicles. Between production delays due to COVID and microchip shortages, not to mention the quality issues with Bronco hardtops, deliveries are far less than 125,000. We contacted Ford for confirmation of this report and a bit more context; we’ll certainly include an update if we glean more information.

That said, this percentage compares reasonably well with previous Bronco data from Ford stating 40 percent of orders were for the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. The seven-speed manual is only available with the four-pot, so it’s definitely in the minority but it’s a very strong minority in the grand scheme of things. It’s worth noting these figures are for buyers in the US, and that’s an interesting distinction because back in February, we reported that more Porsche 911 GT3 buyers in the US preferred the manual compared to other parts of the world.

It seems Americans do still love manuals, provided it’s offered in the right kind of vehicle.


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