Electrify America Takes Another Shot At Establishing An EV Charger Emoji

If at first you don’t succeed…

Electrify America is at it again with another electric vehicle charger emoji application. After a failed first attempt, Electrify America has revised the emoji and established a petition for support. 

You may remember about this time last year we ran an article on the charging network’s efforts to have a charging station emoji accepted by the Unicode Consortium. the governing body that establishes emoji. 

In fact, the Unicode Consortium the entity responsible for all computer characters, whether emojis, letters, symbols, and so forth. It assigns each new character a number that allows you to insert them in any computer system.

Electrify America’s emoji submission from last year.

However, Electrify America’s EV charger emoji submission was rejected by the Unicode Consortium last year, and the official response they received is that instead of a special EV charger emoji, people could simply use a gas pump emoji, followed by a lightning bolt emoji. 

“Emojis represent today’s emotions, feelings and activities, and when it comes to transportation, that should include electric vehicle culture,” said Rich Steinberg, director of marketing, communications and Green City initiatives at Electrify America. “Pushing for an emoji that reflects the experiences of EV drivers is part of Electrify America’s goal to increase EV awareness and adoption, and support the transition to a cleaner energy future – a shift that will have impact on Americans and people around the world.”

I don’t think most EV drivers would agree with that logic, and evidently Electrify America doesn’t either, so they created a new EV charger emoji which they have submitted for consideration. They have also started a change.org petition in support of the new emoji. Take a minute and add your support to the petition if you’d like to have the EV charger emoji formally accepted. 

Electrify America’s new EV charger emoji submission for 2020

Thoughts? Do we really need a dedicated charging station emoji? I guess not, but if you look at all of the other emojis out there – and there are approximately 3,300 official emojis, it makes sense to consider an EV charger emoji. After all, there is a gas pump emoji, so if you’re going to have an emoji for the fueling station of the past, why not have one for the fueling station of the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 


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