Driving lessons resume this week but students will face these major changes to classes

Driving lessons will almost completely change this week as many students tery to become accustomed to the new rules put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. The changes will help keep both students and driving instructors safe during the current climate while ensuring students get one on one time ahead of driving tests which are also set to resume. 


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Bill Plant Driving School warn lessons may take a little longer than usual which would need to be accounted for. 

This could see students forced to pay for extra tuition to receive the help they need or will force instructors to offer extra time at the same price. 

Bill Plant Driving School says the way lessons are conducted will radically change to ensure limited face-to-face contact between pupils and instructors. 

Head of Instructor Support, Peter Brabin says he is “confident” instructors will follow the new guidelines to keep students safe. 

Mr Brabin said: ““We are confident that all of our driving instructors will be taking all the necessary steps to protect themselves and their pupils within the course of each driving lesson, regardless of duration.

“We will continue to adhere to guidelines outlined by both the Government and the DVSA and look forward to seeing our team return to work; helping Britons learn to drive, pass their tests and safely drive for the rest of their lives.”

Under the new guidelines, pupils will be contacted ahead of their driving lesson to ensure they are healthy and not showing any symptoms. 

Social distancing will be maintained while outside the vehicle while no handshake will take place between instructors and pupils. 

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Bill Plant says pupil handbooks will no longer be passed between students and instructors while other materials such as pens cannot be shared. 

Before and after each lesson, all driving vehicles will need to be thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products to ensure the car is safe. 

Key areas will include areas the student is likely to touch such as door handles, seat belts, steering wheels and gear sticks.

The National Driving School has advised all driving instructors would wear protective masks and gloves throughout each class. 


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Students are also being urged to wear a mask during the lesson to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Air conditioning will not be allowed on during lessons but instructors must ensure the car is still kept ventilated. 

To pay for a class, students will be urged to make electronic payments to ensure cash is not passed over to the instructor. 

RED Driving School also recently confirmed instructors would also follow hygiene practices such as cleaning a car before lessons and asking instructors to wear masks. The driving school has warned of a “huge backlog” for tests and lessons after revealing 4,000 tests were taken each day before lockdown restrictions were implemented. 

RED confirms allowances will be made for any instructors who need to continue self-isolating. 

Ian Mcintosh, CEO of RED Driving School has also warned the DVSA are set to introduce a new “priority system” for driving tests. 

The system will see those who have been waiting the longest offered a test fierst with new customers with new customer suinlielsl for “some time”. 

He said: “The DVSA has cancelled all test bookings and are preparing to announce a priority system based on who has been waiting the longest. 

“It is unlikely to be open to new customers for quite some time, and this means thousands of people will be unable to acquire their driving licences once lockdown measures lift.”

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