Drivers urged to use ‘key tricks’ to save fuel during the bank holiday weekend

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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Motoring experts insisted that motorists should carry out simple yet necessary checks to make their cars as fuel efficient as possible. These range from checking the tyre pressure to being aware of the car’s miles per gallon (MPG).

Motorists have also been reminded that despite fuel prices slowly dropping, they still remain high.

According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, the price of unleaded stands at 170.40p per litre on average, while diesel remains at 182.70p.

And, to help motorists during the bank holiday weekend, car experts at Zuto have compiled a list of simple and “key” fuel-saving tricks.

There are many ways motorists can be more fuel-efficient, from removing excess weight in the car to avoiding over usage of air-conditioning.

The first thing that drivers should do is be aware of their miles per gallon.

Zuto experts said: “Being aware of your car’s MPG will give you an idea of how fuel-efficient your car is, with the higher your MPG being, the more fuel-efficient it is.

“This can vary from the model and make of your car.

“There are a few tips which can help to improve your MPG.

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“For example, for long journeys, it is best to drive at a constant speed to maximise MPG.”

Next on the list is tyre pressure.

By performing a tyre pressure check at least once a month, motorists can ensure that their tyres are sufficiently inflated at all times.

Having under-inflated tyres can not only put drivers and their passengers at risk, but also cost more money by affecting fuel efficiency.

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The experts added: “To check your tyre pressure, ensure you know your car’s recommended pressure levels, this can often be found in your owner’s manual or in the fuel cap.

“Simply set the air machine to the recommended level, whether this be one you use at home or at a petrol station, then attach the air pressure gauge to your tyre valve.”

Removing unnecessary weight from vehicles can also go a long way.

Getting rid of unnecessary baggage will ensure that motorists are not using more petrol than needed.

The lighter the car, the cheaper it is to run the experts highlighted.

They continued: “Whether this be smaller items that you keep in your car such as kids’ car seats or the larger external items such as a roof box or bike racks, if they’re not being used for your journey, be sure to store them away until you next need them.”

Additionally, motorists have been urged to consider their vehicle’s road tax.

With car tax rates rising in April as the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) increases, drivers could be paying more than they need to.

“Therefore, if you’re in an expensive bracket, consider upgrading it for one which has a lower emission rating to save money in the long run,” the Zuro experts said.

Many easily accessible cars have a road tax under £50 a year due to their lower emission rating such as the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

The experts also stressed that drivers should only use air conditioning when completely necessary.

Using air conditioning when not needed can put a strain on your engine and cause it to burn more fuel, especially when you are travelling at slow speeds.

Lastly, motorists were urged to drive smoothly and change gears as gently as possible.

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