Drivers ditch petrol and diesel as used car sales spike after ‘worst week of pump pain’

Petrol prices: RAC spokesperson reacts to criticism from The AA

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Online car marketplace Motorway has seen an increase in the number of motorists looking to sell their petrol and diesel cars, as fuel prices reach all-time highs. In the last month alone, diesel car sales on the online used-car marketplace have risen by 19 percent, as car owners fear prices at the pumps could continue to rise. 

The data from Motorway showed that the highest volume of sales enquiries have come from commuter areas around major cities. 

This suggests that those who are frequent car users are considering ditching their petrol and diesel-powered cars in favour of electric, or downsizing their vehicles. 

The highest levels of valuation requests have come from drivers of SUVs and cars with larger engines 

These are usually the least affordable cars at a time when running costs are increasing almost on a daily basis.

Alex Buttle, co-founder of online used-car marketplace Motorway, commented on drivers’ decisions to ditch their fuel-powered vehicles.

He said: “With news this week of petrol and diesel prices reaching an all-time high at the pump, some car owners may have to make decisions about the journeys they make and the cars they own.

“We’ve seen a 19 percent rise in diesel cars being sold on Motorway in the past month, as motorists look to move from multiple cars to one, downsize from family cars or look to make the switch to an EV. 

“Whatever the reason a car owner might be looking to sell, at Motorway we’re here to help them quickly and easily get the best price for their vehicle.”

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Yesterday, average pump prices hit new records with petrol reaching 183.16p a litre and diesel 188.82p – petrol up another 0.85p on the day before, according to the AA.

With pump prices on Sunday at 177.88p a litre for petrol and 185.01p for diesel, respectively they have gone up 5.28p for petrol and 3.81p for diesel in just one week.

This time last year, petrol averaged 130.08p a litre and diesel 132.50p.

Around 40 percent of drivers are considering making the switch to electric cars to save money on fuel.

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Research by has found that drivers who do 10,000 miles each year and charge on a standard energy tariff could save £80 each month on fuel in a Volkswagen ID.3 compared to filling up a Volkswagen Golf. 

At the higher end of the market, those who choose the popular Tesla Model Y over a Mercedes GLC300 could save a staggering £167 each month in fuel costs. 

On average, UK petrol consumption, mainly by the private motorist, stands at around 1.3 billion litres a month or 43.3 million litres a day.

The 53.08p extra cost of petrol compared to last year is siphoning £23 million a day from other potential consumer spending.

The AA president, Edmund King, predicted that UK tourism will see millions of pounds lost by visitors because of the high fuel costs.

He added: “This is the worst week of pump pain so far for drivers. 

“We would urge drivers at the moment to cut out shorter car journeys if they are able to do so and walk or cycle to save money. 

“Almost one-fifth of AA members are already doing this. But by changing your driving style you can also save up to 15 percent on fuel costs. 

“These crippling fuel costs are hitting home so drivers need to take all the steps they can to stay mobile.”

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