Drivers complain new E10 fuel has ‘impacted on MPG’ with some losing 30 miles per tank

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Express readers have described seeing up to a seven MPG drop since they have started using the new petrol when it was launched earlier last month. One reader said the new petrol had “without a doubt impacted on MPG” and pledged to “avoid” the new petrol when filling up.

Others have described losing up to “30 miles” on a full tank while another even claimed to be suffering other car-related issues as a result of the changes.

Reader Jacksdad said: “2017 year Mini Cooper ‘S’, 17,000 miles on the clock.

“I have noted carefully the MPG over the last few thousand miles with [the] same mix of roads.

“4 MPG less with E10, BUT more importantly it does not pull as well up a long incline as before, resulting in a gear change down.

“I had been using E5 RON 95 up to this point. Now mixing the different grades.

“E10 without a doubt has impacted on MPG and will avoid wherever possible.”

Express reader Trevor Ammanford added: “Just filled up the other day and I’m getting 28mpg for my 2-year-old fully serviced Astra 1.4T.

“Previously it was managing 35mpg.”

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Reader Jon Joe said: “I have a hybrid, my fuel consumption has dropped 30 miles on full tank.

“But what will be done, it’s all well and good these motoring organisations highlighting the problems.

“The government doesn’t care as in [their] eyes it will speed up the crossover to electric.”

The comments came after motoring YouTube channel ‘Number 27’ warned fuel efficiency issues could affect “every single car on the road which uses petrol”.

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