Drivers blown away by little-known cup holder hack

TikTok user shares amazing car hack

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Most drivers know how annoying and impractical it is to carry takeaway drinks inside their vehicle if they are alone. Having to hold multiple cups while operating a vehicle is not only dangerous but also illegal.

On the other hand, no matter how smoothly motorists drive, leaving drinks on the passenger seat will likely result in unwelcome spillage.

If drivers only order one or two drinks they will be able to put them into the designated cupholders that most cars have.

The situation gets slightly more complicated when there are multiple drinks and no one to carry them.

Luckily for motorists, a recent TikTok video has gone viral in which a car owner demonstrated how the problem can be solved.

TikTok user @bogielopez89 shared his little-known tip that involves a cardboard drink holder.

Cardboard drink holders are usually given out to drivers when they order multiple drinks.

In the video, which has now amassed over one million likes, @bogielopez89 filmed himself placing one drink into the car’s holder without removing it from the cardboard holder.

In his video, he takes away his hands and all three drinks that were inside the cardboard holder remain upright in the car’s holder, despite just the one appearing to have been secured.

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He is then heard saying: “Did you know these cup holders are made for this?”

Having been viewed over 16 million times, thousands of comments were left by baffled viewers, including the official McDonald’s account that replied: “I didn’t even know this.”

Another user added: “This is a game changer,” while a third wrote: “My mind is blown.”

However, people were quick to advise drivers to take caution if they try out the tip.

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One person wrote: “Lies because when I turned at a light they fell over”. A second added they did that with their drinks carrier before it “went flying”.

The news comes after a mum took to TikTok to share a “genius” hack that can help parents in keeping their children occupied while driving.

The mum quickly went viral on the social media platform with flocks of parents praising her “brilliant” and “genius” hack.

The TikToker named Autumn claimed that an easy way to prevent a child from having a meltdown is to occupy them with something that they will find interesting.

Using her account @honestlyautumn, the mum said that she puts toys and books with pens in a shower caddy.

She then attaches the caddy to the car window using suction appliances.

This allows children to write all over the window and keeps them entertained on long drives.

The mum added that the drawings can easily be rubbed off with a wet wipe.

Writing underneath the post, Autumn said: “Best mom and dad hack! How to avoid road trip meltdowns when you’re travelling with a child.”

The TikToker then commented: “Having accessible activities such as drawing on the window is the key to a successful road trip.”

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