Cyclist with a camera has shopped almost 1,000 drivers to police – ‘it’s worth doing more’

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A man known as ‘CyclingMikey’ has shopped close to a thousand drivers to police for offences like texting at the wheel while stationary. Mike Van Erp, a 49-year-old carer, has spent years riding around with a head-mounted camera, filming anyone he deems to be a bad driver before reporting them to authorities.

Even celebrities including former boxer Chris Eubank, Chelsea legend Frank Lampard and film director Guy Richie have fallen foul of the cyclist.

He runs a youtube channel with millions of views called CyclingMikey where he uploads hours of footage of those he apprehends.

Many drivers end up with points on their licence and rising premiums as a result of the videos.

And the cyclist has had several threats made against him, including a Mercedes driver who repeatedly rammed him with his car.

Dutch-born Van Erp started filming drivers around London back in 2006 using a camera mounted to his bike.

Initially his footage was ignored by police however this changed after the first prosecution resulting from one of his videos in 2018.

Now there is a near-80 percent prosecution rate from videos sent to police by Van Erp.

And his YouTube channel has 65,000 subscribers.

Van Erp said his one-man war against drivers began after his father was knocked down and killed by a drunk driver when he was 19.

Since then he has tried to convince distracted drivers that their actions have real implications.

He explained: “I started realising that real prosecutions were happening.

“And I thought, do you know what, it’s worth doing more than what just affects me, because that will help other people. You hope it will improve other people’s safety.”

His brush with celebrities has resulted in cases like Frank Lampard being accused of texting at the wheel, a claim the former Chelsea boss denies.

And his video of Guy Ritchie using his phone while driving resulted in his being banned from driving for six months.

Fines handed out by police to those caught by Van Earp are thought to add up to close to £100,000.

Not forgetting thousands of penalty points on licences.

However the cyclist is unrepentant and vows to continue his crusade.

He said: “I don’t really want the fame.

“On the other hand I haven’t really got any choice about it. The result is I have to use it to spread the word about camera cyclists.

“I just like to think that with the power of one I’m trying to change a little bit of road safety.”

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