‘Costing me double a month’: Drivers furious over ‘shocking’ E10 petrol and demand changes

Petrol prices: Howard Cox calls for cuts to fuel duty

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E10 fuel was introduced in September as the new standard grade of petrol, replacing E5 which was reclassified as a ‘super’ petrol. Since then, many drivers have complained about the impact E10 has had on their cars, particularly the price of the petrol and the fuel efficiency.

One driver, Clive, responded to a tweet about rising interest rates and the impact it is having on the UK.

They wrote: “And the price of petrol is crippling people, no call for a cut in tax on that?

“If you live in a rural location a car is needed, not a luxury.

“Then again many cars will get scrapped because of the un-green E10 petrol which no MP is owning up to supporting its introduction.”

Another Twitter user, Jennifer Tombe, also responded to a comment made about the high price of petrol, saying: “It’s also the pish petrol!

“E10 doesn’t get me as far and I feel like my car hates it.

“Maybe it’s all in my mind but I’m now paying ‘premium’ for what was normal fuel weeks ago!

“They got me good ha.”

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A third Twitter user using the handle ShannonJ995 said her petrol bills had risen dramatically.

She claimed: “This E10 petrol is actually shocking!

“It’s actually costing me double a month of what it used to be!”

This comes as many are reacting to the news of inflation rates soaring, with some pointing out that fuel prices had contributed to the rise.

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