Climate activists ‘should switch to EVs and stop disrupting daily lives’

Frustrated BBC caller questions value of electric cars

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The UK was hit with another fuel shortage earlier this month with drivers queueing in search of petrol. The disruption seemed to be caused by climate protesters blocking major fuel depots.

That in turn was exacerbating existing supply issues due to increased demand post-Covid lockdowns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Several cities and towns across the UK, including London and Birmingham, saw a wave of petrol station closures this month affecting thousands of drivers.

And now, an expert has urged the climate protesters to “stop disrupting the daily lives” of motorists across the UK.

Steve Endacott, Chairman at Electric Car Organisation (ECO), exclusively told “Climate activists should stop disrupting daily lives by blockading fuel deliveries for petrol cars and explain in simple terms how UK homes can cut their carbon footprints.”

The expert added that by far the easiest action to take is switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV) which alone can reduce personal carbon footprint by 29 percent.

Mr Endacott explained: “In the future these EVs will also be used as storage batteries that are charged overnight at cheap 5p per KWH electricity rates, driven to work but then plugged back into the home at 6pm with 75 percent on average still left in their batteries.

“The power from EV batteries is then used to power the electricity in the home between the peak usage hours of 6-10pm allowing the National Electric Grid to be balanced and then the process simply repeats.

“This cheap electricity will allow homeowners to switch off their polluting but cheap 5p per KWH Gas heaters, which they cannot currently do as peak electricity from the national grid is four times more expensive at 22p per KWH.”

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“This is the climate action that the country needs, not pointless and disrupting blockades”.

Sarah Tooze, Consumer Editor at CarSite, added to Mr Endacott’s concerns by saying that the disruption to people’s daily lives has been “significant.

She told “The Just Stop Oil protests blocked three oil terminals in Warwickshire, Hertfordshire and Essex, disrupting supplies to around one in 10 filling stations across the UK.

“The aim of these protests has been to force the Government to cease new fossil fuel developments.

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