Check Out This Cool Rivian R1T Fan-Made Off-Road Commercial

When you drive the Rivian R1T off-road, it’s all so effortless and easy that you may forget just how rough the ground that you’re going over is. In other words, it makes off-roading easier and more accessible, as well as quieter, and that’s what Tesla Raj wanted to capture in what he calls a “fan made commercial” for the new EV truck.

In the video’s description, the uploader writes:

Had a chance to really have fun with not just any truck but a Rivian R1T in the dirt, water, rocks and more! I used the footage to create a commercial of sort and what it felt like to really see what this truck can do!

The R1T has really been getting a lot of love. Initially from journalists, who were blown away by how good it was on-road, then transforming into a rock-crawling master at the touch of a screen. When we drove the R1T off-road, we really tried to challenge it, but at least on the trails that we’ve taken it on, the 835 horsepower quad-motor truck fared really well.

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