Charge Up Your Road Cycling Experience With BULLS’ Alpine Hawk Evo

Cycle company BULLS has been in the business of bikes-for-sport for nearly three decades now, and has built a solid reputation for itself with its mountain bikes and road bikes. In recent years, the brand has begun focusing on electric bikes—but not just for sport; for leisure and recreation, too. As such, BULLS’ repertoire includes cruisers and commuters, as well as e-road and e-MTBs.

One of its popular offerings in the e-bike space fits in squarely with the brand’s sporty heritage, and it’s the Alpine Hawk Evo. At a glance, the Evo looks like your typical performance-focused carbon-framed road bike, with its sleek lines and aggressive geometry. However, underneath its slick carbon frame, it’s packing an electric motor—but not just any ordinary electric motor. You see, BULLS opted for nothing less than a Fazua Evation power unit. The Porsche-owned electric motor manufacturer sets itself apart from the competition with its lightweight and high-tech power units, and the Evation fits the bill perfectly.

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