Boris Johnson’s new electric car plans could ‘exacerbate inequalities’ between drivers

Boris Johnson makes car noises during CBI conference speech

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Mark Harrison, head of home energy supplier dcbel said the scheme would divide those who “can afford new homes and those who can’t” He has asked whether the policy will “go far enough” for electric car owners and has instead called for new incentives.

Mr Harrison has called for the Mr Johnson and the Government to “review its approach” and instead consider a “VAT reduction” on charging points.

He said: “The Government’s decision to install EV chargers into all new homes from 2022 is definitely a step in the right direction.

“However it does not cover the UK’s existing housing stock, meaning 29 million homes are unaccounted for under the Government’s plans.

“We’re left asking the question – does this policy go far enough?

“Only 123,000 homes were built in 2020, and while more are planned post-Covid, there’s a strong possibility this scheme will exacerbate inequalities between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in the UK – those who can afford new homes and those who can’t.

“We encourage the Government to urgently review its approach towards the UK’s existing housing stock and consider a VAT reduction on residential charge points as it has done with other green home energy devices.

“Right now, we’re reliant mainly on broader behaviour change, and with 19 million home charge points needed to achieve the Government’s 2035 deadline, incentives for existing homeowners need to be prioritised.

“The OZEV (The Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles) £350 grant scheme for single residential units will close next Spring, and the danger is that that the government sends out mixed signals.”

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The OZEV recently announced it would be updating its support for homeowners this year.

From April 2022, the scheme will be expanded to target people in rented and leasehold accommodation.

However, the scheme will close for homeowners who live in single-unit occupancy properties such as bungalows or terraced housing.

LeasePlan has previously warned it was surprising to see the terms of the scheme change so early in the EV lifecycle.

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