A Guide To Becoming An Electric Vehicle Engineer: Part 2

This article was written by EPG, a company that focuses on helping electric and autonomous vehicle clients hire the best people through our industry and product-specific staffing expertise. Contributors include Joe Rooney, CEO and co-founder, and Evie Sherrer, a talented recruiter. 

At EPG, we match our clients in the electric and autonomous vehicle industry with people that are looking for their dream careers. Our recruiters often get asked questions like “How can I get into the EV industry?” or “How can I stand out from my peers when pursuing a job in emobility?”.

When it comes to electric vehicle recruitment and hiring the right engineers, there are several factors that companies and hiring managers look at. Using our EV staffing expertise, we put together a guide to assist people and students that are looking to join this ever-growing industry. 

Part 2 – College

Find The Right Focus

Just like the conventional automotive industry, there are many types of companies that you can work for within the electric vehicle industry. Find what area interests you the most and specialize in it, i.e., pursue education in those areas and connect with companies that produce these components. Below are some examples of types of companies within the industry but there are many other niches out there. It’s worth the time and effort to research and find what interests you the most.

  • Electric Vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, cars, motorcycles, boats, bikes, eVTOL, etc.)
  • Hardware (motors, wire harnesses, batteries, etc.)
  • Software (simulation, embedded, motor controls, BMS, etc.)
  • Charging Equipment (wired and wireless)
  • Vehicle Testing (component and vehicle level)
  • Consulting (fleet conversion, charging installation, etc.)

Maximize Your College Experience

Going to a university is an important time to find out what piques your interest the most in the world of engineering and vehicles. Early in college, it’s important to try different courses and then focus on what you enjoy the most. Outside of finding the right major and classes, it’s also important to take part in extracurriculars to continue to build your resume.