2022 SST Perodua prices: Ativa up RM1.4k, Bezza up RM1.6k, Myvi up by RM1.1k, Axia RM1.8k, Aruz RM4.7k – paultan.org

With the ending of the sales tax exemption for new cars as of yesterday, June 30, car companies have now started issuing new price lists that factor in SST, which is 10% for both CBU and CKD cars. National carmaker Perodua has revealed its new prices with SST for its entire model range, except for the new second-gen Alza, which is set to be launched sometime this month.

In the case of existing models, prices of existing models have reverted to what they were prior to June 2020, when the SST exemption was put in place. For example, the entire Axia range is now priced as they were when SST was included. The Axia 1.0 E now costs RM723 more, the exact amount that was dropped from the selling price when SST was removed – the SST-inclusive RM24,090 OTR price is identical to what it was in May 2020.

Likewise, the Bezza range, with the increase ranging from RM1,124 for the entry-level 1.0 G manual (RM34,580) to RM1,624 for the range-topping 1.3 AV, which brings its price back to RM49,980.

As for the Myvi range, it’s all up from before SST exemption was introduced, but that’s no surprise, as the introduction of the 2022 Myvi facelift last November saw prices increase for the model. Now, with SST back in the frame, prices are up by RM800 each for the two 1.3 G CVT variants (with and without PDSA) all the way to RM1,100 for the 1.5 AV, bringing the range-topping Myvi to RM59,900.

As was the case when SST exemption kicked in, the two variants in the Aruz range see the biggest revision in price. The 1.5 X adds on RM4,374 to bring its OTR price back to RM72,900, while the RM4,674 added back to the 1.5 AV’s selling price means that it now goes for RM77,900.

Finally, the Ativa. The SUV only debuted last year and so has no prior baseline SST-inclusive price to compare with. The entry-level 1.0 X now costs RM1,000 more at RM62,500, while the mid-spec 1.0 H adds on RM1,200 to bring its price to RM67,300 (metallic) and RM67,800, if special metallic is chosen. Meanwhile, the price of the top-of-the-line 1.0 AV is now up by RM1,400, and in its most expensive form – with the two-tone exterior – is now priced at RM73,400.

If you managed to put in a booking by the deadline yesterday, you’ll still be able to enjoy the tax savings so long as your new car is registered before March 31, 2023, as announced by the government on June 20, 2022.

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