2021 Rivian R1T Closeup Look Via Unofficial Video

The camouflaged prototype truck was spotted on the street and this video gives us a closeup look at some of its details.

The Rivian R1T is expected to reach its first owners in June of next year, and until then most people’s contact with the electric truck has only been through the limited official videos and photos. Unofficial shots of the R1T are not that common, but John W. Davis spotted what appears to be a camouflaged prototype and recorded some footage, showing some of the vehicle’s details.

Of the two available models, the R1T pickup has unsurprisingly proved considerably more popular than the R1S SUV. They are basically the same vehicle, only the truck is longer overall and it has an open bed, so this video (shot on December 24, according to the uploader) is representative for both models.

The R1T is already sold out for its first year of production when Rivian is only going to manufacturer the high-spec Launch Edition which costs from $75,000. Over 60 percent of all those who ordered a Rivian went for the truck over the SUV, which comes as no surprise given Americans’ well documented love of the pickup; 90 percent of Rivian buyers own ICE vehicles and this is their first EV.

The EPA has officially confirmed that the R1T has a 300-mile range, but smaller (250+ -mile) and larger (400+ -mile) battery packs will be added to the range in 2022. The most you can currently pay for an R1T with all the options, kitchen sink included, is $98,000, but with the larger battery pack that will probably be closer to $110,000.

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