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The coronavirus has claimed all major motor shows this year, with stalwarts such as Geneva and the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit cancelled due to Covid-19. However, the SEMA show refuses to be cowed by the pandemic – the show will go on despite the coronavirus situation in the US, which is not very good at present.

SEMA stands with the Tokyo Auto Salon (the images in this post are from TAS and not SEMA) as the world’s top tuner shows focusing on mods and customisation. The 2020 edition of the annual event is set to happen in Las Vegas from November 3-6, which is slightly more than three months away. Organisers say that there will be 1,800 exhibiting companies at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

However, this year’s event will include several precautions and preventive safety measures. Show organisers are working with hotel partners, LVCC, and Nevada state and city officials to “ensure high safety standards and government compliance.”

Among the safety precautions are the use of face masks or face shields, frequent hand washing and social distancing. There will be designated entrance and exit areas to control and screen visitors with non-invasive thermal cameras. Traffic flow with one-way aisles and hand sanitising stations every 200 feet (60 metres) are the other measures.

On the organisers’ part, hourly sanitising of high-traffic areas throughout the show floor and common areas, including doorways, elevators and escalators will be done. They will also collaborate with LVCC in the venue’s efforts to be among the first in the US to pursue certification for safety measures aimed at outbreak prevention – the building will be sanitised nightly.

The efforts sound comprehensive, but crowds at motor shows – especially tuner shows like SEMA and TAS – are mammoth and it’s hard to imagine how crowd control is going to be like. How will social distancing be enforced in a motor show setting – that will be what other show organisers will be observing.

The latest figures show that the US have had 3.53 million confirmed Covid-19 cases, with 138k deaths. The state of Nevada, where the famous casino city is in, has had 32,024 cases with 627 deaths. Nearly 27k of the state’s cases (507 deaths) are from Las Vegas’ Clark County.

Nevada’s figures are relatively low compared to early hotspots New York and California (which neighbours Nevada) and current hot states Florida and Texas. The United States is top of the Covid-19 league, ahead of Brazil and India.

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