Malaysia's flying car? Here's the Lazareth LMV 496 flying motorcycle from France, and it actually flies –

While there is much ado about Malaysia’s flying car as well as questions being asked in Parliament about the status of the project, French custom vehicle builders Lazareth have come out with a flying motorcycle… that flies. Dubbed the Lazareth LMV 496, the flying vehicle is currently in prototype stage and videos have been released demonstrating its capabilities.

Known for its Maserati-powered Lazareth LM847, a V-eight powered, 470 hp, four-wheeled motorcycle with twin, independent front hub steering, the LMV 496 borrows the same styling cues but adds four kerosene fed jet turbines into the mix. The video shows the LMV 496 in tethered flight as well as a short landing video, indicating it works as a proof of concept.

The turbines are located in the hubs of the LMV 496’s four wheels, with the wheels functioning as normal when the bike is being rolled around. A flip of a switch places the LMV 496 on four landing legs and the four wheels rotate to orientate the turbines vertically, providing lift.

Motive power for the LMV 496 comes from an electric motor but for flight, the quartet of turbines provides 1,300 horsepower which translates to 285 kg of thrust. There was no demonstration of the LMV 496 flight controls but we assume directional control and stability is achieved much in the same way as a drone.

Also considering how fuel thirsty jet turbines are, we wonder if enough Jet A-1 can be carried on board for more than a short hop. Lazareth invites enquiries for purchase of the LMV 496 which will be produced in a limited edition of only five units on its website, via email or by telephone.

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