Why I think the Mahindra XUV 700 is a better buy than the Scorpio-N

Ride quality is comparable to the Fortuner, but inferior to something like the Tata Hexa.

BHPian Passiautonate recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Driven Scorpio N, Z8 Diesel automatic at Sireesh Auto Bangalore today. Below are my observations, for reference I drive a Vento TSI (DSG)-

  • Car is imposing from front and side, additional width definitely helps. Dealership using a 3-inch platform makes it look even taller. Back is a real bummer and doesn’t suit the macho personality of the car. Not a secret anymore, Mahindra designers work in 2 shifts, and the one responsible to design the backside is unsupervised and poorly compensated.
  • Car is really powerful and agile, gentle tap and overtaking even in tight city traffic is a breeze. Brakes are aspiring and handling is predictable. Coupled with light steering, it was fun and easy to maneuver around.
  • Speed breakers were no match to the car suspension but road adulterations and imperfections were really unsettling at low speeds. Second-row seat occupants were getting tossed around even at low speeds. Comparable to Fortuner but HEXA is still the benchmark here. TATA please bring the HEXA back, it will definitely be valued more now.
  • Body roll is there. My advice- go easy on throttle especially on curves if you have second-row passengers.
  • The gear lever is flimsy, and does not slot with reassurance if you are shuffling between drive and reverse. VW DSG is the benchmark here.
  • Seems designers were confused between bench and side-facing seats for the third row, and eventually offered side-facing seats as bench. Still, a mystery why they didn’t go with the XUV setup here. You miss out on a lot of space and an option of a flatbed. You need to fold and tumble. The real deal breaker for me.

To summarize- XUV 700 trumps Scorpio N in all departments of practicality. What goes in favor of Scorpio-

  • Interiors (Coffee brown beats White of XUV);
  • 4WD- Perceived proper off-roader and RWD setup;
  • Imposing looks and road presence, XUV feels MUV in comparison

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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