VW Polo DSG problem: Having trouble shifting into the first gear

The issue is not reproducible & happens randomly once in a while. As a result, some service centres don’t even believe me.

BHPian ornov recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have an odd issue with shifting into the first gear in my Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI which I bought new in 2015. Once in a while – say once in a week or so – the car will not shift into D1 from P or neutral and the only way to get the car into first gear is to press the brake pedal and release it again. This has been the case over the last 2 odd years.

I have tried researching different forums, including this one. I have also taken help from Auth Service centres in Thanisandra and in Hesarghatta in Bengaluru but the problem remains undiagnosed by them. One of the issues is that this issue is not reproducible and happens randomly, once in a while. Some Authorized Centre folks do not believe me also as they cannot reproduce the issue. My initial suspicion of some switch linked to the brake pedal going wrong was also checked, but there appears to be no issue with the brake pedal switch.

Since it is hard to reproduce the issue, I have made a small 1-minute video and am attaching a zipped file of the same. It would be of great help if any BHP’ian could help diagnose the issue. I have already changed gear oil and DSG oil as some forums said that oil is the problem, but that has not helped and I am still noticing the issue.

Here’s what BHPian docsinghal had to say about the matter:

I have the exact same issue with my Polo GT 2015.

Azaan says that he’s seen it in many cars with the same gearbox and even he wasn’t sure of the reason behind it. We changed the oil like you did and did a complete reset of the DSG too. The issue persists.

I think it’s got something to do with something wearing out and hence the clutch is not engaging. If we move the shifter to D and release the brake pedal immediately, it possibly takes a few microseconds extra to do that. It initially did because it doesn’t happen if you move the shifter and then take a few microseconds extra to release the brake pedal.

For now, Azaan has suggested that I keep driving and we will intervene if any other symptoms crop up. Like your car, it has been there for a couple of years in my car too but hasn’t led to any further failures.

Would really like to know if anyone can diagnose the issue.

Here’s what BHPian JoshMachine had to say about the matter:

The usual/safety operation to shift the DSG gear lever into D or S is to actually first press the brake pedal.

The problem doesn’t seem to be related to the DSG oil replacement. The oil circuitry’s primary function over here (and in many other gearboxes) is for cooling.

The issue mentioned here, from what I have understood, of not being able to move the gear selector or the selector not slotting into “D” mode could be possibly linked to what is called the “Hall Sensors” and the associated wiring harness.

Refer to the below diagram:

Quoting from this post.

The primary function is to register the position and make it available to the mechatronic unit via the CAN bus. Based on the signals, the control unit implements the driver’s D or R or S or Tiptronic command and controls starter release.

If the control unit detects no selector lever position due to a malfunction of the senders or the solenoid, then both the clutches are opened. The cause has been apparently attributed to the gear shifting wiring harness in the assembly. The issue around this malfunction is noted by a transmission warning code.

The primary resolution offered has been to repair the harness else suggest a complete replacement of the shifter assembly.

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