This Is Ferrari's One-Off Coach-Built Omologata

One-off Ferrari‘s are a rarity, so news of the Italian marque’s new Omologata is rather exciting. The Ferrari Omologata is based on the 812 Superfast, featuring a coach-built body that exploits “the proportions of the potent, mid-front layout,” as Ferrari says.

The 812 Superfast’s underpinnings and V12 engine remain, meaning the Omologata also packs 789 BHP which is good to push it well over 200 MPH. It has been hand-crafted by Ferrari’s design team — headed up by Flavio Manzoni — out of aluminum and features dozens of unique elements all around.

For example, the Omologata now presents itself as a sleek, but sharp, Grand Tourer. It’s more formal than the 812 Superfast, more subdued, but by no means is it any tamer. First, there’s a new flattened oval grille that has been tapered to hug the rounded sections towards the wheel arches. At the rear, three horizontal transversal slats cover the window and a small lip spoiler has been added for extra downforce.

The Omologata even gets its own shade of Ferrari red, dubbed “Rosso Magma.” This is set over a darkened carbon fiber finish and is accompanied by exclusive racing-inspired decals. Inside, you’ll find “Electric Blue” leather-fabric mix seats with four-point harnesses.

Take a look at the one-off Ferrari Omologata in the gallery above; and note, that’s about as close as we’ll probably ever get to it, seeing this has been coach-built for one very lucky, discerning Ferrari customer.

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