Test driving Mahindra Scorpio N 4WD AT diesel: Views of an XUV500 owner

The transmission was spot on during city driving & when immediate power was required for overtaking.

BHPian mpksuhas recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sireesh Auto – Silk board – Bangalore was kind enough to lend me one of their TD vehicles for half a day to XUV owners group – TORC.

The test drive vehicle was a Z8- L – 4WD Diesel AT.

We were able to drive the vehicle on a straight tarmac section of around 1.5 KMs which is newly constructed and devoid of any traffic and also some really slushy sections. Apart from this, was able to drive through city traffic for around 15 KMs.

However, was not able to try highway manners and especially, high-speed stability. I have driven the previous generation Scorpio extensively and currently drive an XUV500. So my views are based on these points.


  • Extremely well-insulated engine. Can hardly notice engine noise.
  • AT was spot on during city driving and when quick power was required for overtaking.
  • Composed drive over bad roads. No lateral movement.
  • Was able to take over sharp turns only at city (~40KMPH) speeds. Felt the body roll was minimal. Will have to see how it behaves during sudden lane changes on highways.
  • Interior is pleasant, a mix of black and coffee brown looks good.
  • Spacious engine bay. However, on the flip side, guess a lot of space is wasted here, meaning less cabin space.
  • Liked the seats (and not just the seating position) compared to XUV7OO.


  • Cost – It’s approximately 30L on road for the variant we tested. While comparatively, one can argue that cars which deliver much less also cost the same. It is an expensive vehicle.
  • The vehicle we drove had just a few hundred kms on the odo, however, it was making a slight rumbling noise while driving over patchy road sections. Somewhat like what you will feel if your drive shaft is damaged. Not sure if it was an issue with that specific vehicle.
  • Sony audio system sounded a bit less impressive than while played in XUV7OO. Not sure if it’s due to the positioning of speakers and / or cabin design.
  • Didn’t find many features to justify the close to 2 Lakh price difference of the L variant over the regular Z8.
  • Boot space is an issue, made worse due to the design of seats + uneven loading bay.
  • Stock MRF wanderers are pathetic in slushy sections with no grip. We tried a section which was dug up by truck tyres in rain. Vehicle was unable to get any traction and was moving around even with 4W engaged.

For me, if I was in the market for a new vehicle, my heart have gone for this for sure. My head might have needed a lot of convincing though.

Of the many variants available, if money was not an issue, I would have preferred Z8-D-AT-AWD or the same in MT.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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