Skyrocketing petrol prices – Advantages of LPG conversion

My experience is that adding an LPG kit to your car saves a lot of money in the immediate timeframe.

rajeshkmoorthy recently shared this with other BHPians.

Petrol prices in Chennai touched Rs. 92.25 on 19th Feb. Reasons may be many and justifications too. Let’s not get into that.

My experience is that adding an LPG kit to your car saves a lot of money in the immediate timeframe.

I own an Elite i20 (2016 model – Asta (O), Manual). During 2018, when the car almost completed 42,000 kms, I thought about installing the Lovato LPG kit and researched it online. The internet is divided with pros and cons equally. Top three are these:

  • Engine overheating
  • Reduction in performance
  • Little reduction in mileage

When I was speaking casually about this to the partner of the car wash nearby, I came to know that he was earlier managing a Lovato LPG conversion business in Chennai. He said that the heating issues were there but minimal in the latest coolant cooled cars.


  • Engine Heating – Willing to take that risk and see how it is.
  • Reduction in performance is not a deal breaker for me as I am a sedate driver.
  • Reduction in mileage – acceptable considering the cost savings the LPG offers.

Went ahead and converted to Lovato Sequential Kit. Opted for Donut Tank (occupies the spare wheel space) so that I have space for luggage. Gave the car to him and he completed all his installation and testing and gave me the car back the next day afternoon.

  • Cost including everything – Rs. 35,000
  • Kms when I converted – 42,300
  • Year of conversion – 2018 November
  • Tank Capacity – 35 litres (Useable capacity 26 litres)

The car starts with petrol and the kit will automatically switch to LPG once the car crosses 1,500 rpm. If you want to switch between fuels manually, that’s also possible.

Its been 2 years and the car has run 30,000 kms after conversion. Below are the points that I experienced:

  • Mileage Reduction – Yes. Almost a 1-2 km difference between Petrol and LPG. City – 11 kmpl / Highways – 12-13 kmpl
  • Performance Reduction – Yes. You cannot climb hills with LPG. Comparing with Petrol, you can feel the reduction in the performance. Did I know this earlier? Yes. Was this a conscious decision – Yes. As I mentioned, I am a sedate driver and this is OK for me.
  • Engine heating – I did not feel that at all. How am I so sure? The engine temperature reading always showed one point less than the middle in both Petrol and LPG driving. Note that I have travelled more than 800 kms in a stretch with LPG and the engine temperature reading never crossed “middle minus one point” reading.
  • The overall fuel capacity of the car has increased to 71 litres (45 litres petrol + 26 Litres LPG) – A total range of 800 kms without fuel stops on the highways. Ex: I can travel from Tambaram to Kanyakumari / Hyderabad / Mangalore / Trivandrum if I fill both the tanks in Chennai.

Coming to the most important thing as to why I started this thread – Cost savings. Below is an approximate working:

  • Total kms covered post conversion – 30,000 kms
  • Average Mileage considered – 11 kmpl
  • Difference between petrol and LPG prices – Rs 40 (average)
    Fuel consumed – 2,700 litres of LPG (30,000 / 11)
  • Cost Saved against petrol – Rs. 1,08,000 (2700 lts x Rs. 40)

In a nutshell, you will get your LPG kits cost back in just 10,000 kms.

Other Pointers:

  • I converted this car when the vehicle was under warranty / extended warranty. Please note that this will affect your warranty. Many of you will advise against this but I knew what I am getting into.
  • Since the LPG tank occupies the spare wheel space, your spare wheel will occupy your luggage space. Be mindful of that please.
  • Registering in RTO is possible and will cost you Rs. 2,500. I did not opt for it.
  • When I tried selling my car on OLX Cars last year, the buyer was ok with it and did not reduce any prices and neither did OLX.
  • If I am selling this car, I will offer it with LPG and if the buyer does not want the kit, it can be easily removed and fitted into another car that I will buy in future. Almost like a plug-n-play.

I can see only advantages. One might argue that this LPG won’t suit enthusiastic driving but hey, if you want to drive pedal-to-metal, just hit the switch and get it back to petrol. Problem solved.

I don’t mean to say that this is a “Must-Have” but its definitely a “Good-to-have” considering the rising fuel prices.

Thanks to rajeshkmoorthy once again! Check out BHPian comments for more insights & information.

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