Singer confirms new Turbo Study details

Tuner's first forced induction car makes its public debut at Festival of Speed

By Matt Bird / Friday, 24 June 2022 / Loading comments

You probably need no reminding of the Singer Turbo Study, its homage to the 930 Turbo of 1975. The tuner’s first forced induction build also reflected a new approach by Singer Vehicle Design, one that attempted to create something a little more everyday usable, with options like all-wheel drive, heated seats and cruise control. Back in February, we were promised by Singer Vehicle Design a global debut at Goodwood – here’s the Turbo Study in all its glory.  

This is the Wolf Blue car shown a few months back, now here for real and with a few more details announced. The 3.8-litre, twin-turbo Mezger flat-six is producing 510hp for this commission, and it’s been specified with rear-wheel drive and ‘touring-optimised suspension’. The buyer of this Turbo has also opted for ceramic brakes to reflect their desire for a car of ‘high performance, luxury grand touring capabilities’. 

Singer’s Festival of Speed presence also includes the Sebring Commission, a stunning Dynamics and Lightweighting Study build (the Williams flat six, more than 9,000rpm, magnesium wheels, bespoke suspension) in a 718 RS 60 Spyder paint scheme. That means RS60 Silver for the outside and a Candy Apple interior. It’s going up the hill with Dario Franchitti’s Indy Commission, in Dixon Bronze with brass accents.  

It’s the Turbo that’ll be centre of attention, though, whale tail spoiler and stunning interior seeing to that. It’s going to be in front of the Stable Yard all weekend. Singer’s Rob Dickinson said: “Singer is a philosophy and each of these three cars encapsulates our unique perspective, the personal vision of the owner, and a celebration of heritage – reimagined with twenty-first century engineering. Together they represent part of our ongoing obsession with a definitive collection of iconic design. There’s no better place to show the results of our endeavours than the Festival of Speed, in our seventh year at this spectacular event.” 

Now, those cars – the Turbo, DLS, and Franchitti’s Classic – are of course spoken for, and we know that a Singer build is not the work of a moment. But with some searching in the PH classifieds, you’ll find a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer that could be bought this weekend…

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