Rekindled the love for my Skoda Octavia: Quick spirited drive to Pune

Even after the spirited driving, the fuel efficiency figure from the on-board computer showed an average 16.3 km/l.

BHPian revsperminute recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Exams through November, and December and a holiday away from home meant that my car had done only 200kms over 2 months.

To say I was itching for a drive is an understatement. Checked my calendar and found out I had family events to attend almost all weekend in January. So, much to my parent’s concern, I woke up, ditched college for a day, got some xp95 and headed out to Pune to visit a friend.

I forgot how much I love this car. Travelling on a weekday at noon meant that the roads were pretty much deserted. I got to charge down the straights and absolutely attack the ghat sections. (Proper spirited driving, didn’t bite off more than I could chew). The drive back was epic too with another corner carving session thrown in. Drives like these still make me fly the sedan flag while the whole world is moving towards SUVs.

The star performer of this drive was the Michelin PS4 tyres. Leech-like grip and zero drama. They just inspire so much confidence when you’re pushing the car.

Every coin has two sides and this drive was no exception. I feel like I have personally exploited everything this car has to offer dynamically. I can drive this car to its absolute limits without scaring myself or being intimidated. Although I am still very much in love with my car and have no desire to part ways with it, I would love to develop my driving skills further. Food for thought.

Signing off with a picture:

PS: I sometimes feel the onboard computer is lying to me. 16.3 km/l with an average speed of 74 km/h and a lead right foot!?

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