Received email from Touch n Go saying that your eWallet is dormant? Ignore it, just a technical error –

eWallet dormant email – click to enlarge

Did you receive an email from Touch n Go (TnG) today saying that your eWallet account is now dormant? The alert goes on to say that the account is subject to a dormant fee of RM2.50 per annum and TnG has deducted from your remaining balance.

“To reset this dormant status, you may perform any reload, payment, transfer or simply login to your eWallet right away, otherwise the dormant fee will continue to be imposed annually. Please accept this as a formal notification from us. We hope that you will return to the convenience of using Touch n Go eWallet as your preferred cashless payment method,” it went on to say.

Clarification email – click to enlarge

That’s shocking, especially if you’re a regular user of the TnG eWallet, but don’t worry, it’s just a technical error on their part. A subsequent email from TnG apologised for the confusion.

“You may have received an email from [email protected] stating that your account is dormant earlier today. Please ignore this email as there was a technical error and we would like to apologise for the confusion and any inconvenience caused. Your kind understanding is much appreciated. Rest assured there was no deduction done to your eWallet,” the second email alert read.

No need to worry then, just a false alarm.

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