Porsche Taycan sets electric vehicle drift record

Porsche makes a rear-drive Taycan, Hockenheim has a drift circle… guess the next bit

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Had to happen soon enough, didn't it? The Porsche Taycan has conquered every challenge it's been presented with thus far, from drag races to group tests. But there was one thing seemingly missing from its repertoire: it hadn't been seen permanently sideways for more than 25 miles.

Now that's been completed as well, a rear-drive Taycan prototype (a model offered in China, don't forget) let loose on Hockenheim's drift circle and a Guinness world record established. The important stats were 210 laps of the 200m circle, a 46km/h average speed (28.5mph), a 55 minute drift duration and a drift distance of 42.171km, or just about the distance of a marathon sideways – 26.2 miles.

Driving duties were assigned to Dennis Retera, chief instructor of the Porsche Experience Centre; judging by his body language, an hour balancing two tonnes of Porsche BEV on the limit couldn't have been easier. Certainly he will have been aided in his quest by a long wheelbase, instant torque and a sodden surface, but let's not take anything away from his achievement – the concentration to squiggle off a wet roundabout is plenty. Now imagine doing it constantly for 55 minutes…

The Taycan's world record is for longest marathon drift achieved in an electric vehicle. Which is of no relevance whatsoever to customers, but remains very cool. Because we all like powerslides, right? And it does at least show the Taycan's competency under duress, as it's unlikely to have a more severe challenge with a customer. Question now, inevitably, is what will beat it? Wonder if the RTR Mustang Mach-E is eligible…

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