Pleasant & hassle free experiences of buying a new car through Groupwe

Needed a car pronto, spoke with them for a Venue , they managed to source one N line model ready to be taken and then also followed up with a Creta option.

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I came across Groupwe while doing car research.

At first glance, the idea looks promising. The user has to book a car on their platform and then Groupwe will club it with other bookings and try to get bulk deals for the end user from the dealership in their area.

I couldn’t find many reviews of the platform. I also did not learn anything about the discounts that they can obtain for the end user.

Hence, I wanted to check here if anyone has ever experienced the services provided by Groupwe.

Here’s what BHPian Karan_n8 had to say on the matter:

I am in talks with them for the Octavia.

I haven’t been able to go to the showroom to compare if what they’re offering is over and above what one can negotiate himself/herself. But the model is pretty conventional except that they’re marketing it as a grouping scheme, which is unlikely. Just like a third party re-seller sourcing cars a multi brand dealership way. I have been going to Autocars in Delhi, for the same since years. What does help is that these guys are better at sourcing vehicles in case of short supplies since they would be talking to multiple dealers , even out of station ones to get cars.

Here’s what BHPian jezza had to say on the matter:

One of my friends bought his new Tata Harrier XZA+ Dark Edition from them last month. The overall deal he got could not be matched by any dealership. As far as I understand, their discount structure includes a cash component and savings on insurance and finance. Overall, he was pretty impressed with their service and transparency.

A quick google search shows they’re actually an upcoming startup in the auto space.

Will definitely give them a shot when I change my car next.

Here’s what BHPian xantia had to say on the matter:

I bought my Hyundai Tucson (pre-facelift version) through them in May-2022. The buying experience was really good because:

  • They provided good advice on various versions
  • I evaluated Fortuner (academic, we had decided to move on from our Fortuner “truck” to a “more accessible car”) and Tucson with GroupWe and Tiguan separately. For Fortuner, there was significantly reduced insurance, add-on kit and long-term cleaning / detailing package. For the Tucson AWD, there was a small price discount discount.
  • They were able to source the Tucson in spite of very limited availability as Hyundai had almost stopped manufacturing that version.
  • GroupWe insulated me from the very heavy, continuous follow-ups and irritating sales experience from the dealers.
  • The Test Drive happened at the time promised. The TD car was clean and sanitized. The sales coordinator from the dealership had full knowledge of the car and was able to answer all my questions
  • The delivery was on schedule. The car had about 100km on the odd as it had to come from their Hapur dealership / storage. And well, I wanted a white Tucson but landed up with a black as that was the only colour available due to the limited overall supply situation.
  • GroupWe also coordinated with Spinny to sell my Fortuner and I got the price that I was looking for. GroupWe intervened when Spinny were requesting for more than the stated number of evaluations and we were able to close the deal very quickly. I would strongly recommend Spinny due to their squeaky-clean process, for example, the old car was not taken away until I had confirmed that the bank transfer into my account was successful.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, I have the car I want and am enjoying the driving experience.

Here’s what BHPian Karan_n8 had to say on the matter:

Bought a Creta via them recently. Needed a car pronto, spoke with them for a Venue , they managed to source one N line model ready to be taken and then also followed up with a Creta option. Had no options in terms of color/model but the good thing was it was a ready to be taken vehicle manufactured in September. While some other dealerships also had a car or two, they were asking for a premium under the garb of accessories already installed on the car, which was a big no for us. Groupwe lads connected us to a Faridabad Hyundai dealership , which was cross country but it was worth the trip since the SAs were courteous and not pushy and the overall experience was smooth.

Recommend these guys for all of us NCR folks.

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