Novitec launches 802hp Ferrari F8 Spider

The tuners did good with the F8 Tributo; time to do better

By Becky Wells / Monday, September 13, 2021 / Loading comments

Once you’ve perfected your winning formula, capitalising on a good old Copy And Paste is often an easy way to keep things ticking along nicely. Novitec, for example, debuted its Ferrari F8 Tributo modifications back in June last year, before improving on it for the official launch at the start of 2021. As we said back then, “more power, bigger wheels, lower suspension and so on – standard Novitec fare, really.”

So it appears it’s been an easy and natural step to progress up to the Ferrari F8 Spider. Much as before, the engine specialist has delivered “various performance upgrades” to the 3.9-litre, twin-turbo V8, producing an uprated output of 802hp.

That means a 0-62mph in 2.6 seconds, and up to a top speed of 189mph, all figures new to the Italian convertible. Other mechanical tweaks include adjustable suspension that can be raised or lowered by 40mm to help with ramps and speed bumps.

This being Novitec, it’s not just under the skin that has received the tuner’s delicate attention. There’s a new bodywork conversion made out of carbon (available unpainted and exposed, if desired) helping with aerodynamics and handling. Carbon flaps on both sides of the bumper help direct airflow into the cooling intakes, while the carbon insert for the front fascia is supposed to evoke images of the current F1 cars – we can kind of see it…

There’s a carbon rear spoiler, carbon diffusers, carbon windscreen panels; knock yourself out on the carbon. And, if that all sounds a bit too fancy pants for ya, you can simply add a reversing camera… with a carbon surround.

As ever, the gist is about taking all the sexy bits of a Ferrari convertible, and making it even sexier. If that’s even possible. Unsurprisingly, there’s no news on price or availability, but the brand has promises a leather and alcantara interior that “can be crafted in any colour imaginable.” Careful what you wish for…

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