Nissan GT-R revised for 2023 (again)

Nissan has dropped the GT-R in Europe, but in Japan it's added two new trims including Special Edition Nismo

By John Howell / Friday, 13 January 2023 / Loading comments

The Nissan GT-R is dead, long live the Nissan GT-R. If you’re confused by news of two new trims being added to a car that featured in our  Gone for Good round-up not long ago, don’t be. It’s dead in Europe, because over here we don’t like noise, which is why the GT-R was apparently pulled from sale. Over in Japan they seem to mind less, which is why the iconic model gets yet another tweak for a new year. That said, part of the upgrade does include changes to the exhaust to modify the sound – whether or not that’s a prelude to the car being sold elsewhere remains to be seen. 

Nissan says, ‘evolving toward ultimate driving pleasure,’ is central to the GT-R’s philosophy, and the new T-Spec and Nismo versions ‘enhance its status as a premium sports car’. There are now eight versions in total, with the new additions sitting at the upper end of the range. The T-Spec includes styling tweaks – most notably that new front grille – but also improved aerodynamics with a beefed-up rear wing and carbon brakes. It also aims to bolster the GT-R’s everyday usability, with a revised suspension set-up said to deliver a more comfortable ride. The company has also reduced unwanted noise and vibration with no loss of power; the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 still offers up 570hp and 470lb ft.

The latest Nismo variant has its own suspension and aerodynamic package and ‘maximizes the use of racing technologies’. It also adds a mechanical limited-slip differential to the front axle. Nissan says it’s the ‘highest-performance GT-R ever,’ with power stretched to 600hp and torque at 481lb ft. There’s also a Nismo Special Edition. Confusingly, the release implies this alone has ‘precision weight-balanced engine parts, such as piston rings, connecting rods, crankshaft,’ but quotes identical outputs to the engine in the standard Nismo. The Special Edition also adds a carbon bonnet with NACA ducts, while both Nismos have Recaro carbon-backed bucket seats.

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