Ninebot's Gokart PRO Has Already Raised $800,000 USD

While the exclusive Xiaomi Lamborghini Ninebot GoKart Pro was not the easiest to get your hands on, Ninebot‘s standard Gokart PRO has been selling like hotcakes.

Pre-selling on Indiegogo, the electric race scooter has already raised over $800,000 USD. A fun way to spend a weekend, the Ninebot Gokart PRO can hit a max speed of 23 mph, has a mechanical handbrake, metal pedals, front and rear LEDs, a rear wing, a powerful 432 Wh battery pack (15.5 miles of range), and is powered by Segway technology.

When everything is assembled together, the Gokart Pro can accelerate at 1.02 G with its 4,800W engine power and 96Nm of torque. A fun little addition to the kart is the presence of 8W high-power speakers which can be set to mimic the sound of either a single-cylinder, two-cylinder, V8, or V12 engine when you press on the accelerator.

Head over to the pre-order page now where they are currently listed at $1,499 USD.

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