New vehicle registrations down by 19.29% in November 2020

The month on month (MoM) data shows a growth of 29.32%.

According to the data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), vehicle registrations declined by 19.29% in November 2020. Overall sales stood at 18,27,990 units, compared to 22,64,947 units in November 2019. However, the month on month (MoM) data shows a growth of 29.32%.

The festive season saw good demand and the overall degrowth of -4.74% was much lesser than expected. The passenger vehicle segment grew in double digits at 13.6%. The focus in the 2-wheeler segment continued its shift from 100cc to 125cc and above category.

Small commercial vehicles continued to see good demand. However, demand for buses remained weak. High prices of BS6 models, finance issues and higher fuel prices continue to affect the M&HCV segment. Demand for tractors remained strong.

2-wheeler sales declined by 21.40% to 14,13,378 units compared to the same month previous year.

3-wheeler sales were down by 64.98%. 24,185 units were sold compared to 69,056 units in November 2019.

Passenger vehicle sales increased by 4.17%. 2,91,001 units were sold compared to 2,79,365 units in November 2019.

Commercial vehicle sales dropped by 31.22%. 50,113 units were sold in November 2020 compared to 72,863 units in the same month previous year.

Tractor sales increased by 8.47% to 49,313 units.

Team-BHP’s detailed analysis of the November 2020 sales figures.

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