New car purchase: Confused between Skoda Octavia or Hyundai Tucson

The Octavia is a no-brainer for pure driving pleasure, but the Tucson SUV does have its area of expertise.

BHPian Dadoo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Has anyone considered opting for the new Hyundai Tucson instead of the Skoda Octavia? This has been driving me up the wall the last few weeks – hours of research, reading and watching reviews and I am still confused.

Here are my key thoughts and any guidance from someone who has already considered this issue will be much appreciated:

Skoda Octavia

  • I have already booked an Octavia L&K; currently waiting my turn (I am hoping for another month or so).
  • I really like the Octavia (even more than the Superb) and it’s a dream buy; I would have preferred a sunroof but not a deal breaker.
  • The drive + feel is excellent; slight concern about GC
  • My usage is mostly city; occasional weekend trips outside the city.

Hyundai Tuscon

  • I saw the car at a showroom and it’s quite impressive; I think the overall feel of Octy is definitely better but this wasn’t bad.
  • Several additional features: panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats, ADAS, etc.
  • Will likely go for a petrol engine (not a fan of diesel). However, the petrol offering in this car is not as great in terms of the engine (no turbocharger) and gear (6 autos).
  • Waiting period is 4/5 months; not a deal breaker.

The cost for both cars is in the same ballpark – it basically comes down to features and general driving/ownership experience.

Grateful for any input.

Here’s what BHPian sunikkat had to say on the matter:

Since you have already booked Skoda Octavia, I am assuming that you are looking for something fun to drive and the Octavia is much better than the Tucson (petrol or diesel). Octavia has sub 7 secs 0-100 and a top speed of 240 km/h. So there is no comparison in performance.

The only place where Tucson is better is in terms of features, cabin space and airy feel (boot space Octavia is better) and diesel efficiency. But suggest you still test drive Tucson and take a decision by yourself.

Here’s what BHPian umairalvi had to say on the matter:

It’s a no-brainer to get the Octavia if you are after pure driving pleasure. I would not suggest getting the Tucson in its petrol avatar if you are driving yourself as it shares the petrol engine with the Alcazar. The drive quality is dull at best. Instead, I would suggest you take a test drive of the diesel Tucson. Though not a rocket in a straight line like the Octavia, the diesel Tucson manages to do 0-100 in around 9 seconds (which is quick for an SUV). On top of that, it’s extremely smooth and refined for a diesel. You can even mistake it for petrol when sitting inside the car. Those are the levels of refinement on offer.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference whether you want an SUV or a sedan. While the Octavia offers immense driving pleasure and sheer performance, the Tucson scores on feel-good features and hassle-free ownership.

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