My XUV700 AX7L diesel AT AWD: Trips, mileage, good & bad of ownership

Took delivery of the SUV in October and since then it has clocked close to 8,400 km.

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Hi everyone,

After a long wait, we finally got our XUV700 AX7L Diesel Automatic All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Midnight Black. Booking was done on 8th Oct 21 and we got it on 18th July 22. We always wanted a fully-loaded vehicle, and secondly, an SUV should have AWD or 4WD. We are a family of 4 (3 adults and a kid) plus a Labrador. With the kids growing, our old Baleno was unable to accommodate us all on our trips.

Some accessories & other basic things I added to my car

Delivery Experience

  • The experience was positive throughout the process. I got constant updates from the sales team at Sireesh Auto Yelahanka.
  • I got to do my PDI and on that day ODO was 33km.
  • I received my car 4 days after it was received with all paperwork completed by the team.
  • No rear sequential lights.
  • No 2nd key was received.

Trips till date

  • Our 1st Long Trip – (Bengaluru to Hyderabad) – 1400 km round trip
  • Our 2nd Long Trip – (Bengaluru to Rourkela to Hazaribagh) – 4400 km round trip

While I would write about this trip in a separate post, a few things I would like to highlight about the car (some might be repeats from earlier posts) in this forum:


  • Barring the infotainment screen glitches, the mechanics of the car are simply superb.
  • Feature-wise, this car seems to have everything.
  • AdrenoX App – VI connectivity is a problem otherwise, the remote start option is my favourite used feature.
  • WithYouHamesha App – As I had been using the AdrenoX app, I found out about the fuel log a bit late. It has a handy feature that shows the cost per km.
  • I had driven max 150-180 km at a stretch in my Baleno but now I have done 350-400 km at stretch including bad weather and road.
  • The steering is so light that I don’t like to drive my Baleno now.


  • The service angle of the car and the expertise of the service centre were below expectations. A lot of scope for improvement is there.
  • Without roof rails, travelling with 7 people’s luggage is difficult.
  • The white interior is difficult to maintain.
  • The gap between the folded 3rd row and 2nd row.
  • Applecare Play has frequent disconnection issues.
  • The suspension thud sound is there but it is a tad erratic.
  • The scuff plate and 5th tire could have been taken back by the service centre. There should be some mechanism to sell it as refurbished.
  • The car gets heated easily with glass all around and some heat protection should have been given

Car Specific Problem

  • There is a sound coming from somewhere between the 3rd row and the 2nd row as if two panels are rubbing against each other. This happens when I cross a hump. However, since I do not want the service guys to open things and check them, I have not highlighted them yet. Maybe I will get it checked in my 10k service.
  • Need to figure out the 5th tyre TPMS, which I got fitted but the configuration was not done by MASC

Current Mileage

  • Tank full to tank full method (T2T) I get about 10 km/l with 70% Bengaluru City Traffic + 30% Highway.
  • On my 2 long trips, I got about 15km/l avg with family and luggage. I am a little heavy-footed driver.
  • I keep all safety and ADAS features ON.

Total kilometres drove – 8391 km

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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