My S-Cross’s check engine light comes on twice in 2 days: Need Advice

Both times, the gear indicator and cruise control stopped working.

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This query is regarding the facelift S-Cross DDiS. The car is doing well. About 10 days back, the check engine light came up one day while negotiating some waterlogged roads in Gurgaon. There was no change in pickup or any kind of smoke except that the gear indicator and the cruise control stopped working. The car was taken to Nexa service last week and the fault code was something related to vacuum loss which they said could be due to sensor malfunction and it was cleared.

Yesterday, I drove the car for over 150 km. All was well, the car was behaving perfectly fine. There was a place, I had to cross a small water stream of around 1-metre width which I drove through at about 10 km/h. The moment I crossed it, the CEL came up again and the gear indicator went off and the cruise control stopped working.

What could be the reason for this? Will be taking it to the service centre again on Thursday.

Here’s what BHPian narayans80 had to say on the matter:

I’ve had the CEL popup twice over my ownership. It was the sensor’s fault on both counts. The first time it was the O2 sensor, the second time it was water inside the glow plug control module.

On both occasions, I noticed the CEL as an afterthought, as there was no change in the drive.

The cruise will not engage when CEL is on, this is on expected lines. Auto start-stop will not work either.

Why is that reverse sensor curve there? Looks a bit out of place, has it been there always? It has nothing to do with CEL though.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyfiesta had to say on the matter:

I guess you’re asking about the parking sensor indication. It is nothing but an obstacle detection by the rear left corner parking sensor. A single line shown on the display means that the obstacle is at a distance of 35m or below.

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