My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: 120,000 km service details & other updates

The car feels a lot smoother and there is a huge improvement in the NVH levels in the car. The biggest difference has be in the clutch, which has become feather light.

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Hi Pajero fam,

I completed the 120,000 kms service on my Pajero Sport and completed a short trip to test the car Sharing my experience here with everyone:

Some precursor to the 120k kms service: Things that were changed/ fixed/ serviced at 100,000 kms and didn’t need to be done at 120k (minus oils, filters, service, etc):

Now about the 120k service:

Owing to some budget constraints, I had decided to do the 120k kms service in two sittings.

Things that were changed/ fixed/ serviced in Part 1:

I supplied the engine oil (Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic 5w 40) myself which I purchased on Amazon. I had an Amazon voucher for 10k (courtesy winner of the quarterly perfomer award at work ) and I didn’t have anything more important to spend on at the time.

The spare wheel winch which I had sourced from a scrap dealer in Delhi (check my previous post) was inspected and installed as well. The part worked perfectly fine. So saved some money there, I suppose.

The 120k (Part 1) service was done at the same independent garage where the previous owner did the 100k one. The work was kinda decent. But after speaking with a few owners, fellow BHPians, and doing some independent research, I learnt that I had been overcharged by a good margin for the parts and labor at this garage .

So, based on a fellow BHPian’s suggestion, I decided to try out Yes Motors Bosch service center in Whitefield for the remainder i.e., Part 2, the more expensive aspects of the 120k service.

I paid a visit to Yes Motors and met Mr. Selvam, who is the manager there. Right from the start, there was some positivity and warmness to this place. He was really knowledgeable about Pajeros and gave a clear explanation to every issue in the car and why it needed to be fixed. Later that evening I recieved a job quotation from him (check attach image below). He also provided good options and recommendations for reliable aftermarket components that provided good savings while also being reliable and safe. I approved the quotation and decided to carry out the works in one go.

In addition to the above quotation, the air filter hose/ pipe had cracked and that was replaced as well. Also, some bearings, minor components here and there that are too small to list were also replaced.

The interesting bit is that all the parts were easy to source at reasonable costs. There was, however, a small wait time of 1-2 days for some parts. So, good news for Pajero owners and anyone out there sitting on the fence regarding purchasing a Pajero.

A few pics of the center replaced components:

I noticed a huge difference in the component prices and labor charges. It was far more reasonable than what I had paid earlier. And the overall experience and quality of work was excellent.

Kudos and a huge shout out to Yes Motors.

I drove the car to a friend’s farm for the Independence day weekend. Total distance covered was about 360 kms. The car feels a lot smoother and there is a huge improvement in the NVH levels in the car. The biggest difference has be in the clutch, which has become feather light.

I think this big 120k service should keep my Pajero healthy and strong for a long time, and hoping it will serve me well for the years to come.

Closing this update with a few pics from the trip:

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