My Maruti Ignis Zeta MT: Key observations after 6 months & 2500 km

The Ignis is really a fun to drive car and can be chucked like a scooter in city traffic. The clutch is very light with butter-smooth gear box.

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Short review of my Ignis Zeta MT after 6 months of use:

I was looking for a small car for city use in Dehradun since the roads are narrow and parking vehicle during peak hours could be cumbersome. Shortlisted Maruti Ignis, Tata Punch and Grand I10 Nios; although I had already made up my mind to buy Ignis as I liked it the most, and was looking for certain excuses to eliminate other options.

I got my reasons of finalizing the Ignis and eliminating other two, since the Hyundai dealership neither called nor provided test drive even after a lot of follow-ups and the Tata Punch had a waiting of 4 months.

Nexa Experience was truly awesome; they really treat the customers as Kings/Queens. The Zeta MT model cost me INR 7.2 Lakhs on road with 2 Years extended warranty and few accessories like seat cover & rain visor.

Interior & exterior:

I find the Ignis to be a nice-looking little car. White color with black cladding over the entire side profile looks good. The rear is a little polarizing; however with 185 section tyres which I upgraded to, immediately after purchase, the stance has improved a little.

The Interior feels practical with good amount of space for 4 people and lot of place to keep your knick-knacks. The fit and finish although not at Hyundai I10 Nios’ level is generally good. The Infotainment is nice to use and the sound from the 4 speakers and 2 tweeters is surprisingly good.

Drive experience:

It is really a fun to drive car and can be chucked like a scooter in city traffic. The clutch is very light with butter-smooth gear box. Although I have driven this car only in city, I feel this 1.2 L engine would be fun on highways also. This car never feels underpowered in the hills, as I once took it to Mussorie with 4 adults and a kid onboard and it performed well on the inclines. The steering is light and upgrading the tyres has made the ride more planted. The car feels comfortable on small potholes and broken roads.

Overall experience after 2 services and 2500 kms:

The ownership experience has been good till date. Nexa has been proactive with scheduling of service, 1st service was done at home by their mobile-van whereas the 2nd service was done at their workshop and the car has got smoother after 2nd service.

Overall I would say it’s a nice little all-rounder, fun to drive car, with decent build quality and good backup from Maruti After Sales & Service.

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