My 2022 Jeep Compass petrol AT: Observations after clocking 7000 kms

I don’t think fuel economy will change much. Overall, I am currently getting 8.5-8.8 kmpl.

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Short update on my Feb 2022 Jeep Compass Model S Petrol AT model. Completed 7000 kms. Did a Bangalore-Kolkata trip in April covering 4000+ kms trip and rest mostly done in Bangalore.

Fuel economy: Overall getting 8.5-8.8 kms/litre.

What I like the most:

  • Love the suspension setup: Just glides on bad roads and on smooth roads the ride is butter smooth.
  • 360 Camera: Brilliant clarity at all times.
  • Superb handling: Easy to maneuver and super easy to drive on curvy roads.
  • Other things which I like: Infotainment system works like a charm, Wireless Apple Carplay works flawless, climate control is superb. Panoramic sunroof and loads of features makes the ride comfortable.


  • It is a pain to drive in city traffic. Seems powerless and the car feels very heavy. Pick up is slow and the the engine will continue to hold lower gears until RPM is really high like > 2K-2.5k.
  • The leather seats look good but they are not comfortable and designed practically. Somehow I don’t get the logic of having a seat contour which is not practical. The problem is with the back rest of the front seats which cannot be set in a way where the head rest is close to your head and the entire backrest support your back. When you set the backrest in a way to support your lower back, the head rest and the upper half portion of your backrest will be far away from your back. So for long drives, you can only rest your lower back but not the upper back. And since the head rest will be far away, in case of any unforeseen events I am not sure how helpful it will be to prevent any injury to the neck.
  • I had reported this issue to the service centre. Also checked other vehicles and it was clear that this issue is there only in Model S due to their leather seats with airbag. The other models do not have this problem and the seat hugs the entire back and the headrest is close to the head.
  • The other negative point is that the cabin design is not so open, you feel as if you are trapped in a box. The windows in the back are very small due to the design. So for long trips, the family felt little claustrophobic too.

First service is done with zero expense. so that’s good. D The biggest pain is the low response from the engine. I think I have to make peace with the fact that this is how it is designed. So today if you ask if its worth buying this car the answer would be a big “No”.

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