My 202 BHP Maruti S-Cross 1.6 gets a new clutch kit & flywheel

I have driven more than 2000 km after this change, including a trip to Yelagiri.

BHPian Dr.Naren recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The ODO is up by 2500 km since the last update. I also got a few parts changed.

Clutch Kit, Release bearing, and Flywheel

I sourced the clutch kit and release bearing last year itself from Boodmo. Since there was mild noise on pressing the clutch pedal, thought the bearing is bad and decided to get the parts replaced.

Headed to my trusted and most experienced garage in Bangalore for S-Cross 1.6.


The clutch release bearing was in good shape. Even the pressure plate and clutch disc were fine, really surprised that these parts handled so much torque and also 150+ launches.

Oh, wait, so what was the sound? It was the flywheel

The flywheel cost is around 30k and it’s very difficult to source. Maruti has 35 backorders for the flywheel. We checked at an MGP store in Bangalore and even they had 5 backorders. There was no way I could source a new flywheel. All the parts were removed and it didn’t make sense to install only the new clutch and bearing. Jayant at EE comes up with a solution, he says let’s try getting a used flywheel in good condition. He was able to source a used flywheel in good shape within 2 hours from a total loss S-Cross.

Pics of old parts:

I could have easily driven more without changing these parts. All the parts are made by Valeo.

The culprit – Dual Mass Flywheel.

It’s a well-known fact that DMF is not very reliable. So this was expected. The flywheel had slightly more play. Also if you observe the pics closely, the gap around the centre bearing has increased.

Let’s compare the used flywheel sourced by EE vs mine.

The one on left is the used flywheel which we got from a total loss car. This one doesn’t have uneven clearance around the centre bearing. The play was also lesser. I was really lucky to get this flywheel at less than half of the price of a new and mainly, the car would be drivable. There was no point in keeping my car in the garage and trying my luck waiting for the new flywheel. I will anyways try to source a new flywheel and keep it as a spare.

I didn’t click any pics of the installation as I had to leave the workshop. But, EE will do the job right and they have experience in dealing with almost all kinds of jobs in S-Cross 1.6.

I got the car back the next day. The sound was gone for good and also the shifts were a lot better. I have driven more than 2000 km after this change and everything looks good. Excellent job by EE as always.

A quick trip to Yelagiri after clutch + flywheel change.

I was easy on the clutch as it needs bedding in. The car performed well, with no issues climbing up the hill.

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