My 1 lakh km run BMW X1: Retain or replace with a new Audi A6?

The car is due for regular service. Front & rear brake pads replacement is on the anvil, insurance is also due.

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I drive an 2018 February registered X1 sDrive20d Xline, the car has completed 1.1 lakh kms in this span. Ownership experience so far has been fairly positive. At the time of purchase, I hadn’t opted for extended warranty and service packages. Extended warranty was later on purchased separately (2 lakh for 3 years) & service has costed around 4 lakhs till now. In January I have option for purchasing 6th & final year extended warranty at 1.72 lakhs.

Now, the car is due for regular service. Front & rear brake pads replacement is on the anvil, insurance is due in February along with warranty in January. All combined l’m looking at spending close to 3.5 lakhs in next two months alone. My yearly running is around 20-25000 kms, which means at least two more paid services in next year.

I am not sure if should I spend this much on a car that’s five years old. I visited couple of showrooms & fell in love with Audi A6. My X1 is fetching around 18-20 lakhs in the used car market. My question is: Should I keep the car for couple of more years or take the plunge for the A6?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Selling a car due to scheduled maintenance expenses is akin to selling your house because it merely needs new paint.

Retain the X1. Why do you want to spend 60 lakhs to save 3?

1 lakh km is actually nothing with today’s modern cars. In fact, many BHPians have happily covered 2-lakh km in their steeds. Keep driving the X1 till at least 1.5 or 2 lakh km since you state the experience is positive overall. Invest the Audi A6 money wisely and you’ll probably grow it enough to buy a 1-crore car in 4 – 5 years.

Also, don’t get the warranty top-up, not worth it. For small work like brake pads replacement, you can still consider the authorised workshop. But for bigger jobs, it’s time to go to a reputable independent garage. They will repair your car for 1/3rd the cost of the dealer.

Here’s what BHPian Humblebee had to say on the matter:

Hey Ashutosh, If your car is mechanically fine and not facing any issues and if the only reason of sale is the upcoming expenses you might as well keep it for a bit longer.Please read this thread on why you shouldn’t sell your car due to maintenance or repairs.

But if you want a new car, at an yearly running of 20k-25k kms, a diesel would be a better bet. Why not look for a BMW 520d or even better a 530d.

Here’s what BHPian vattyboy had to say on the matter:

I agree with GTO and Humblebee. Retain your x1 for a few more years without any hesitation and spend the amount needed on repairs, in long term, this will save you more money.
You maintain your car always at the authorized BMW service center so your car is as good as new, if maintained properly 2 lakh km running is nothing for this luxury car.

Think for next 1 lakh km driving:

If you retain X1 – You will spend approx 35k every 15000 km on regular maintenance + 2 times brake pad replacement and disc ( one pair lasts approx 50k) + any sensor failure( 20k approx)+ plus tire replacement( @18000 for each tire you will need 8 tires for 1 lakh km).

Total- 35×6 + 1 lakh× 2 + 20k + 144k+ 20( miscellaneous)+ 1 lakh for suspension work =approx 5.5 lakh rs needed for next 1 lakh km.

If you buy the A6- You will spend approx 45- 50 lakhs more after selling X1. You will save only upon regular maintenance for first 40k to 50k kilometers after that A6 maintenance will cost same or slightly more than X1.

Total- 50 lakhs + 2.75 lakhs( approximately taking half amount of X1 as A6 will be new) = 52.75 lakh.

Here’s what BHPian itwasntme had to say on the matter:

Normally I’m financially prudent, but if you have fallen in love with the A6 and it’s bothering you please take the plunge.

As COVID-19 has taught us, life is short.

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