Morgan gives insight into historic production line

Can't make it to Malvern? Take a floaty tour around Morgan's 108-year-old factory instead…

By PH Staff / Friday, February 18, 2022 / Loading comments

If you haven’t taken the official tour of Morgan’s Malvern-based factory, you absolutely should. With cap-doffing deference to Ariel and Caterham and every other low volume manufacturer building interesting cars in Britain, the marriage of history and modernity at Pickersleigh Road is quite unlike anywhere else. True enough, the place is a lot less eccentric that it once was, but you’re still visiting a place where some of the buildings date back to 1914. And that’s rather lovely.

Morgan realised the value of public tours a long time ago. The story PH heard – which sounds entirely plausible given the firm’s expansive fanbase and its open-gate policy – was that they evolved organically from the days when people simply turned up, and were kindly shown round by bemused factory workers. Now there is a glamorous new experience centre which greets some 30,000 visitors a year, not to mention an on-site restaurant to cater for them.

Of course, not everyone can make it to Malvern (even from the Home Counties it’s a bit of slog – especially in a 3-Wheeler) so Morgan has indulged its followers with a floaty, first-person drone video of the production line. Thus you get to see the Chassis, Assembly, Sheet Metal and Wood shops, each with cars in various stages of production, followed by the Trim and Final Finish workshops, before the flight ends at Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Morgan says the route runs parallel to the one taken by the factory tours, and while it obviously can’t compete with the insight and often first-hand knowledge of the guides (or the noise, or inimitable smell of the place) it does at least provide a flavour of what makes the Pickersleigh Road facility special, even as the firm looks forward to its next century under new ownership.

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