MH: Police to get speed cameras that capture 32 cars at once

The Maharashtra Highway Police will be procuring new cameras over the next 90 days or so to catch speeding vehicles. These cameras are a lot more advanced compared to the existing ones. They are claimed to be able to monitor 32 vehicles in two or three lanes at a time.

The new machines are called Radar Speed Machines (RSM). The authorities have started the tender process for the purchase of 155 RSMs, which are made in Bengaluru and Delhi. The machines will be installed atop the highway police vehicles.  The Government of Maharashtra has sanctioned Rs. 13.95 crore for the same. The highway police will be allotted money from the Road Safety Fund.

The police believe that the RSMs will reduce the number accidents and accidental deaths, particularly in rural areas. Maharashtra recorded 20,045 accidents and 8,175 deaths on its roads in 2019. These accidents were caused due to drivers cutting lanes, over speeding and overtaking dangerously. RSMs can capture a photograph, speed and registration number of a vehicle. These can be used as evidence.

At present, the police are using laser machines to catch speeding vehicles. These machines can capture only a single vehicle at a time. Due to this, any driver who is caught argues that others have been speeding as well and not stopped.

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