Maserati to Electrify Its Entire Vehicle Lineup by 2025

Just four months after debuting its first-ever electrified car, Maserati has now revealed that it hopes to electrify its entire lineup by 2025.

“The new Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio models will be electrified too, all our line-up will be electrified in the next five years,” said the company’s COO Davide Grasso during a fashion web event in Italy. The news may not come as a surprise, as both the Italian automaker and its parent company Fiat Chrysler Group announced back in the end of 2019 that it will be investing €5 billion EUR (approximately $6 billion USD) into transitioning its cars into either electric or hybrid powertrains.

Maserati’s announcement also comes following increasing trends for car manufacturers to electrify. More and more automakers are adopting the more sustainable energy model for their vehicles, such as Ferrari with its new hybrid SF90 Stradale and GMC and its fully-electric Hummer for 2022. Even Bentley announced recently that it plans on phasing out non-electric powertrains by 2026.

In other automotive news, Range Rover’s 2021 Velar also receives a supercharged hybrid upgrade.
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