Last Plymouth Ever Sold Is A Posh 2001 Neon LX, And It's For Sale

It’s only done 68 miles since leaving the factory.

Under normal circumstances, this small silver sedan would go unnoticed to even the most discriminating auto enthusiast. It’s a Plymouth Neon after all, a vehicle generally considered hopelessly average in the best of circumstances. This isn’t just any Neon though. Aside from having a full leather interior and extremely low miles for a 20-year-old car, it also happens to be the very last Plymouth vehicle ever built. And now, it can be yours.

So what’s the story of this final Plymouth? It’s currently up for auction at Bring a Trailer, where it’s described as being a fully optioned LX with one notable exception that driving enthusiasts will appreciate. In place of an automatic transmission is a five-speed manual, doling out all 132 horsepower (98 kilowatts) produced by the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to the front wheels. As for the other options, yes you could get a Neon with features like leather seats and an in-dash CD changer. Plymouth was always more upscale compared to Neons from Dodge, and this end-of-the-line example spared no expense.

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Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer

According to the listing, this car was special-ordered by a long-time Plymouth collector and Chrysler employee who even drove it off the assembly line. The Neon was then delivered to Massey Motors in Daytona Beach, Florida where the current owner basically placed it into a time capsule. There are just 68 miles showing on the digital odometer, with a placard in the auction photo gallery saying it was only driven occasionally in a business park near its garage. The final Plymouth is certainly living a very quiet existence.

Time and history haven’t been kind to the Neon. According to Kelley Blue Book, a well-optioned 2001 Neon in very good condition has a retail value of around $2,500 but of course, we know this isn’t a typical Neon. The auction has six days to go as of this article going live on May 4 and bidding is already over $12,000. The car’s original sticker price was $18,210; over 100 photos posted with the listing show pretty much every inch of the Neon and aside from some corrosion on the muffler, it looks properly amazing.

With this being a no reserve auction, the last Plymouth will have a new home when all is said and done. Any guesses on how high the bidding will go for this piece of automotive history?


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