First service of my VW Virtus GT: Few issues & my overall experience

I’ve driven the car for 1,300 km so far and even though I’ve faced a few issues, I don’t regret buying it.

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Virtus GT Update

  • Delivery Date: 27th September 2022
  • ODO: 1300 km

1000 km Inspection

As directed when buying the car, I took in the VGT for its first visit to the workshop for its 1st inspection due at 1000KM, although I had planned to take it as close to 1K km as possible, ended up going after 1300KM as I was busy during the Diwali rush.

The regular inspection took place and they looked at a few issues that I had with the car.

  • Felt the alignment wasn’t OK and the steering was off by a few degrees when the car was being driving straight – Couldn’t fix this as the alignment machine was not working, was asked to bring the car back once they had this fixed.
  • Wanted to replace the horn with something with a bit more depth – This was completed in 10 mins, costs Rs 3000 and the horn is now in line with the character of the car. It was a coupler-to-coupler job with no wiring adjustments required.
  • AC was making a weird noise every few mins and only cooled when the noise was audible – They checked the gas levels and it was a bit higher than recommended. The gas was collected by the machine, vacuum run for 15 mins, and refilled. The issue is now gone and the AC cools as per my expectations.
  • Other random tidbits – inquired about the ceramic coating and underbody coating options from the showroom, and was offered a package of 36K to do the entire car’s ceramic coating + underbody coating. I skipped this as it seemed more expensive than what is offered outside despite being offered a 15% discount.

Was given a car shampoo, scrubber, and windshield washer fluid as part of the welcome package.

Oddly enough, when leaving the showroom, the driver-side window stopped working. Restarted the car and it started working again. I ignored this for now and hope that nothing is wrong here – did anyone notice this problem? I then had to recalibrate it by keeping it pressed down when fully rolled down and then pulled up when fully rolled up for 3 – 5 seconds each before the auto down and auto up started working again.

So far my experience with the car has been superb. I’ve been getting an average of about 14kmpl during my city drives and once touched 20kmpl during a relaxed drive at night. I don’t regret buying the Virtus GT.

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