But What if it’s Quite Hot Where I Want to Charge My EV?

So? What if? Volkswagen’s got you covered with a new electric vehicle charging facility at its North American testing grounds in Arizona.

The setup will test charging stations at temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit—or roughly the internal temperature of a rare steak. The site will test North American, European, and Chinese connector types, as well as home chargers to make sure that they can deliver the juice at any temperature.

“The opening of this charging station means one of the most sophisticated EV testing facilities in the world with some of the toughest conditions on earth will be right here in the United States,” said Dr. Wolfgang Demmelbauer-Ebner, Chief Engineering Officer for Volkswagen’s North American Region. “It reaffirms not only Volkswagen’s commitment to the U.S. market as we bolster our engineering expertise here but also our drive towards an electric future.”

The testing areas have awnings to simulate shaded conditions, though they can be retracted to—well, not exactly simulate, but allow the chargers to experience—full sun conditions.

Built in partnership with Electrify America, so it will be testing equipment from other brands from around the world to maximize testing variability. Both the vehicles and the charging equipment are being tested.

Specifically, VW will be testing its battery-cooling system, which it hopes will prevent overheating damage in an emergency.

In all, the test chargers cost VW $9 million dollars and took about a year to install.

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