Build or Buy: MKV GTI

While the MKIV GTI got a lot of attention for its upscale interior, peppy engines, and distinctive-yet-somehow-understated styling, it was the fifth-generation model that put the car back on the top of the hot-hatch heap. The all-new 2.0T engine was a screamer, and the independent rear suspension made it a delight in the twisties. These MKV cars are very tunable and parts are becoming cheap, so maybe you’re looking for your own project car. But do you build one yourself, or do you buy it built?

Option A: Build-It-Yourself
Article: 2008 Volkswagen MKV GTI

Setting this up right from the beginning: this little car needs some love. It’s missing some body trim, has a cracked windshield, and the interior door and rear panels are…not so good. Oh, and the aftermarket headlights might not be your thing.

So what’s the draw here? Well to start, it has a Stage 2 GIAC tune and an upgraded fuel pump. It has an aftermarket exhaust (although there is a hole in the muffler), Bilstein lowering springs, a boost gauge, and a seriously upgraded stereo. And with only 104,000 miles, there’s a lot of life left in this hatch.

So if you’re looking for a decent candidate to build your own MKV GTI show car or track car, this might be a good option. The seller is asking $6499 or best offer. Take a look at the classified ad on; this ’08 GTI is in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Option B: Buy-It-Built
Article: 2007 Volkswagen MKV GTI

There’s lots to love on this ’07 GTI. First, it has only, get this, 37,000 miles. This car is barely broken in! And with so few miles, it looks basically brand new. The exterior has no dents or dings, the leather seats are not cracked or split, and all the plastics still have their fresh-off-the-showroom-floor look.

On top of the tip-top condition, this MKV GTI has all the greatest modifications. It has an APR tune, Neuspeed intake, Quaife limited-slip differential, Eibach lowering springs, and much much more.

But all this perfection will come at a price, and we don’t yet know what that price will be. Check out the listing on for more information. As of this writing, the current bid is $9000 and the auction is open thru this Thursday. This super slick ’07 GTI is in Portland, OR.

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