Build or Buy: Classic GTI

FYI: The GTI is increasing in $$$. The folks that owned one of these quick little bunnies back in the 80s want to relive their youth, and the original hot hatch is increasing in value. Looking for your own MK1 GTI? Car enthusiasts ’round the world know there are two options: buy a cruddy one and build it yourself, or gather up some dough and buy one built. So which will it be?

Option: Build-It-Yourself
Article: 1984 Volkswagen GTI

Like any 36-year-old car, this one is a bit rough around the edges. There’s some rust, the headliner’s sagging, the interior has some mold, and some bits and pieces may be missing.

But look a little deeper. The rust is minimal. The shock towers are good. And while this is a crusty little car, it has, as they say with homes, good bones. Heck, if you got the car running and cleaned up, you could drive it as-is while you plan for a total restoration.

Ah, but getting it running is an issue: the engine’s locked up. But the seller is looking for a new engine, and perhaps you’d want to consider swapping in something more fun than the original 90Hp motor, like maybe a 2.0L 16-valve.

The $2000 asking price might seem a bit high to start, but remember: these cars are rising in value. Take a look at the Facebook Marketplace ad for more details. This ’84 GTI is in Simpsonville, SC.

Option: Buy-It-Built
Article: 1984 Volkswagen GTI

Ah, You can lose hours of your day perusing their auctions. And lately, the cars they feature on the site are selling for some pretty amazing amounts. So this ’84 GTI auction will be an interesting one to watch.

To start, this is a no-reserve auction: the highest bidder gets the car. And with any auction like this, the bidders are hoping the amount stays low. As of this writing, the current high bid is $7000.

But the main reason this auction should be interesting is that it’s just a really great car. It’s clean, straight, and complete. Sure there are some minor issues like mismatched upholstery on the seat bolsters, but you could drive it to any car show and instantly get attention.

So take a look at the listing for more details. Check the auction on Tuesday around 2 pm, and heck, consider bidding. This ’84 GTI is in Salem, OR.

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