Brabus partners with KTM for first ever bike

Famed tuner finally adds motorbikes to its impressive vehicle portfolio…

By John Howell / Friday, February 11, 2022 / Loading comments

It’s not quite planes, trains, and automobiles, but Brabus does do more than reboot the odd Mercedes – up to and including Unimogs. It’s well known for producing boats, too, like its 500hp twin-outboard Shadow 500 Black Ops day cruiser, which will skim the seas at over 50 knots.

Now it’s teamed up with KTM to deliver a dash of Brabus design to the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo. The result is the Brabus 1300 R, which, and I quote, delivers a ‘badass design, exclusive, high-end elegance and confident performance.’ The Badass Brabus does have a ring to it, doesn’t it? Apparently, this was inevitable because Brabus and KTM share ‘deeply rooted identities and design styles.’ Fair enough.

The 1300 R’s thundering heart is its 1,301cc LC8 V-twin, complete with titanium inlet valves and resonator chambers on the cylinder heads. There isn’t any extra go, though. It seems that Brabus could do no more with the big twin, because the peak power and torque sit at 180hp at 9,500rpm and 103lb ft at 8,000rpm – the same as the standard Super Duke R Evo. That means it’s still a fair way behind the Ducati Panigale V4 R’s 234hp, but still, 180hp is plenty for a road bike. The 1300 R also sticks with the standard WP APEX semi-active suspension and PRO 7117 steering damper.

What the 1300 R is really about is its individual looks. There are two signature paint schemes – Magma Red and Signature Black – and only 77 of each variant will be produced – 77 representing Brabus’s birth year. It’s glittering with bespoke Brabus addons, including nine-spoke lightweight forged Monoblock Z wheels, a carbon-fibre belly pan, carbon air intakes, a slip-on double-pipe exhaust, and CNC-machined foot pegs, brake and clutch lever. There’s also a unique Brabus start-up animation when you flick on the ignition. This all ensures ‘an instant one-second wow factor,’ according to the bumf. If you want one, head to KTM’s website at 2 PM on February 14th, when ordering opens.

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