Bought a 3rd-hand Honda Accord 2.4L AT: My ownership experience so far

Most of the parts that I procured from Boodmo for carrying out various repair jobs were OEM.

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I bought a third-hand 2.4L AT Honda Accord. I would state definitely that this is by far the best looking Honda Accord whether in the 2.4L or 3.5 V6 garb, especially when compared to the 2007 2.4L Accord which I used to own. Except for the V6 engine, along with the VCM technology and the stability control, the rest of it is pretty much similar to the 2.4L variant.

I continue to have a good experience with this car. The first year of ownership had the car visiting the ASS (After-sales service), Okhla for regular service and brake pad replacement. However, when jobs like steering column repair in order to stop leaking steering fluid, suspension OH, and engine and transmission mounting replacement came in, then I immediately switched to an independent workshop of our preferred mechanic in New Delhi. The parts procurement for the above jobs was done via boodmo and most of the parts were OEM except a few after-market parts. The above jobs were completed before the car reached 100,000 KM mileage.

Later I moved to Noida and performed spark plugs replacement along with an ignition coil set with the help of a Stanley kit on my own. I found a dependable independent workshop in Noida and got regular service along with brake pads replacement done from them. I recently got the brake booster and brake master cylinder replaced from them as inadequate brake pedal response was a long-standing issue that I was facing with my car. The inadequate brake pedal response along with embedded uninspiring brakes in Honda Accord was a cause of inconvenience to me, finally, it has been fixed.

My car has 124,000 Km mileage and is set for V-belt/serpentine belt/drive belt replacement along with pulley and auto-tensioner next month as the belt and the pulley associated with the tensioner are not in good condition.

The majority of the mileage has been accumulated on highways esp. in Himachal Pradesh. I recently drove it to Keylong, HP in the month of Oct.

Below pic: My white Honda Accord on the approach road to Rohtang Pass.

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